Bluder Bread Recipe

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Ingredients I (Sponge)
High Protein Wheat Flour 125 gr
Yeast 8 gr
Water 75 gr
Instruction I (Sponge)
Mix high-protein flour into the yeast and water, and mixer for 4 minutes.
Close with plastic for 1 hour.
Ingredients II
High Protein Wheat Flour 65 gr
Low Protein Wheat Flour 60 gr
Salt 3 gr
Bread improver 1 gr
Yellow eggs 75 gr
Refined sugar 100 gr
Prime cake Margarine (Product by Gold Bullion) melted 100 gr
Milk powder 10 gr
Water 30 gr
Instruction II
1. Mix wheat flour high protein, low-protein wheat flour, milk powder, salt, bread improver and sponge phase I ago mixer for 2 minutes.
2. Enter the yellow eggs and sugar mixer back until smooth dull.
3. Finally enter the liquid butter little by little gradually while continuously stirred until the dull back.
4. Weigh 100 gr @ dough. Put the dough into the bread mold bluder.
5. Wait for 1 ½ hours without Proofing.
6. Enter into the oven with a temperature of 170 C for 15 minutes.

Characteristics of Bluder Bread

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1. Feel more taste of yeast.
2. Softer bread crumb.
3. Feel more taste of milk and butter than other bread.
4. The bread look like the top of the mushroom.
5. More durable because the fermentation process from a high Sponge.
6. The Dough more soggy bread.

Bluder Bread

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Bluder bread is a kind of French bread, bread and eggs the womb with margarine(butter) so that high-crumb of bread to be soft and dense. Surface of the bread (crust) slightly dark golden color and make a layer. Bluder bread ingredients or brioche are: high-protein wheat, eggs, butter, sugar, milk, yeast and salt. Brioche is often presented as the basic of Pastry or desert, with many variations of local ingredients and also added filling and topping.

Puff Pastry (Basic Dough)

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Wheat flour in 1000 gr
Sugar 30 gr
Salt 20 gr
Ice water 500 gr
BOS STAR 100 gr
Flake Pastry Shortening 600 gr
1. Mixer all ingredients (wheat flour, sugar, water, ice, and STAR BOS) to being flat and smooth. 2. Rest for 30 minutes in the refrigerator.
3. Roll dough and fill with Flake Pastry Shortening, do as much as two fold twice, and rest for 15 minutes.
4. Make as much as once fold.
5. Dough rest for 30 minutes, and roll broad and thick as needed, and then fill in the form of appropriate taste.
6. Arrange over the brass, then polish with eggs and roasted in the oven with a temperature of 200 degrees centigrade until cooked.

Croissant (Basic Dough)

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Wheat Flour 1000 gr
Sugar 100 gr
Instant Yeast 15 gr
Milk Powder 30 gr
Unipan (Produk by Fermipan) 5 gr
Ice water 500 gr
BOS Star (Product by Gold Bullion) 100 gr
Salt 20 gr
Danish Pastry Margarine (Product by Gold Bullion) 400 gr


1. Mixer all ingredients (wheat flour, Sugar, Instant Yeast, milk powder, Unipan, water ice, BOS star, Salt) to rat and mixed into a smooth dough rest for 45 minutes. Keep for 60 minutes in the refrigerator.
2. Roll dough and fill with a Danish Pastry Margarine, do a single fold 2 times, then rest for 15 minutes.
3. Make a single fold 1 times.
4. Rest Dough for 30 minutes, roll with thick 3 mm, and the form of isosceles triangle and roll, fill chocolate or cheese, according to taste.
5. Fermented for 90 minutes and heat oven to 190 degrees Celsius.

Pastry is the term given to processed foods with the warmth of the oven roasted (Baked Goods) made of materials: wheat, butter, shortening, baking powder and eggs. Pastry dough is usually in the roll thin, there is also folded. Pastry dough is coming from the derivative of bread dough (Yeast Dough), which also contains a lot of fat to produce Flaky (plated), Crumbly (easy to fall off) and tasteful. Pastry in the making of the most important is the protein powder mixer can not create a form so that the dough becomes hard and tough. For some types of dough such as Pastry Croissant, Danish and Puff Pastry cavity has a layer of fat produced in the process of bending. This may also differentiate from other types, such as Pie Pastry, tarts, and Short Bread.

Pastry History Part I

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Pastry development comes from the Mediterranean, where Flaky Dough and Short Crust, and used by many people in this region. Pastry popular in Western Europe brought by the missionaries who returned from their trip to the Mediterranean region where the people have the Roman and Greek have Filo-Style Pastry (Pastry layered and hollow) as the traditional foods that they also influenced the growth of the traditional food of the nation Egypt similar to Pastry at that time. Pastry recipe was developed with time in various European countries that produce various types of traditional foods that country with Portuguese as "Pasteis de Nata" and Russian "Pirozhky" in the eastern part of Europe. Many historians acknowledge that Pastry Chef from France called "Antonin Careme" (1784-1833) as the master in the making of Pastry influence in the development of this modern. Pastry also growing in Asia that is also a traditional food in some Asian countries, especially China, so Chinese is known as the Pastry made of rice flour